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Convenient Pickups and Deliveries

Who We Are:

SGR Courier began in 2012 and is a small Canadian company. We currently have three vehicle on the road, however, we will expand as business grows. 
Our largest size vehicle currently is a 1 ton cube truck with the box measuring 16 ft by 8 ft. 
SGR Courier is here to help you get your parcel (whether it be an envelope, box, tires, pallets and everything in between) from A to B.


What We do:

We are a delivery/courier service. We do all types of deliveries and pickups. Our main focus is same day deliveries.
We can handle all your shipping needs such as envelopes, boxes, bags, tires, pallets and so much more.
We service Edmonton and all surrounding areas. We provide same day and rush service locally and also provide hotshot service throughout Western Canada.


Why We Do What We Do:

Our goal is to become the leading delivery/courier service in the area by providing our customers with professional, dedicated, prompt and courteous service with competitive rates. We promise to display the highest degree of integrity towards our customers.


Why Choose Us:

We are customer service focused and we strive to exceed your expectations by providing clear communication, attentiveness and dedication. Having a dedicated courier will provide you with peace of mind; knowing your shipments will arrive promptly and in a professional manner, allowing you to focus your attention on growing your business.


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SGR Courier
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